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There will be an increase of our prices from October 1, 2021!
All examination fees apply for one occasion and one person!

There is a discounted price in case of

  • a large family with 3 or more minor children in the family.
    (Large family card required!)
  • 2 or more children from a family are examined at the same time.
  • Discounts can also be given based on the judgement of our doctors!


 Total price
Discounted fee for large families
(only for large family cards)
General eye tests18.000,-Ft15.000,-Ft
Ophthalmic control 15.000,-Ft12.000,-Ft
(within a month)
Inflammation, injury examination and care13.000,-Ft-
Inflammation, injury control examination6.000,-Ft-
Additional test UH or Tomopen (intraocular pressure measurement) or Plus Optix (measurement on eg. family member, check in glasses)2.500,-Ft/machine-
Additional examination in pupil dilation in case of returning5.100,-Ft-
Pediatric tear duct injection25.000,-Ft/person20.000,-Ft/person
Specialist consultation5.000,-Ft-
Handling prescriptions2.000,-Ft-
First contact lens suitability test5.000,-Ft-
Introduction to wearing contact lenses and the price of lenses15.000,-Ft-
Repeat contact lens training5.000,-Ft
Contact lens diopter, health check (essential annually)2.500,-Ft-
Test of a new type of contact lens for a regular wearer (vision test, test lens)5.000,-Ft-
Optometrist vision test
(In case of ordering glasses immediately, we will deduct them from the price of the glasses frame)

Naphegy Optics discount: If you order your new glasses from us until the end of the day after the medical examination performed at our store, we will deduct 20% of the price of the examination fee from the price of the spectacle frame received from us! It only applies to a person who was examined by our doctors that day and ordered the frame from us that day.
The examination fee should be settled immediately with certain doctors (Dr. Túri Éva, Majnikné Dr. Szabó Viktória, Dr. Szépkutiné Dr. Knézy Krisztina, Dr. Megyesi Mária) and can only be paid in cash, receiving an invoice. 
Glasses can be ordered after paying 50% of the price or the price of one lens in advance, or with full payment. It can be paid by card or cash. We can issue an invoice for individuals, company names or a health fund.
We can give a transfer invoice to those who request the glasses with delivery, but a deposit can also be requested on these orders.
The spectacle lenses are charged at a unit price, based on a catalog price, which is individually variable.
We ask for a fee of 4000 HUF / glasses for sanding and framing the lenses. In case of brought frames, grinding or drilling into a drilled frame, the fee is 6500 HUF / glasses.
The shipping of glasses is 3000 HUF / domestic package.

You can pay in our store in cash and with the following card types:


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