During the simultaneous examination of brothers, 5000 HUF is waived from the brother’s test price.


 Each test fee is for a single occasion and one person!

  • A sibling discount is granted if 2 or three children are examined in succession from a family.


Till 01.01.2024.Price/occasionExplanation
Child's Ophthalmological examination (full and control)25.000HUF- 5,000 NOK discount for siblings, 5,000 NOK discount for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th child if siblings are examined one after the other! 25e, 20e, 20e..
Adult eye examination35.000HUFHUF 5,000 Control of inflammation and damage
Optometrist vision test (for glasses)15.000HUF- HUF 15,000 Order your glasses in a new frame the same day and we will deduct 100% of the examination fee from the price of the glasses!
Optometrist (contact lens consultation)5.000HUFScheduling an appointment, preliminary examination for suitability
Optometrist contact lens training25.000HUFThe price includes a trial lens, training and the first control
Contact lens control5.000HUFContact lens examination, repeated training, contact lens change
Appearance without an "ES" appointment (even outside business hours)30.000HUFWe handle urgent cases, if we manage to agree on the arrival. We always ask for a TAJ number for potential prescriptions!
Additional examination, partial examination8,000/ machine or occasionDilation, fundus examination, intraocular pressure measurement, ultrasound
Standby fee50% of the price of the planned examinationIn case of cancellation or modification within 24 hours, a standby fee will be charged!

The examination fee must be settled immediately, for which we will issue a receipt or invoice. In cash or by bank transfer (Dr. Viktória Majnikné Szabó) Only in cash (Dr. Mária Megyesi). To order glasses, a deposit of at least one lens price or can be ordered by payment. This can be paid by card, cash or bank transfer. We can issue a VAT invoice to your own name, company name or health fund. Eyeglass lenses are charged per piece, based on the catalog price, which varies depending on the individual. We ask for a labor fee of HUF 7,000/glasses for polishing the lenses and placing them in the frame. Grinding in the frame, (grinding on standby by appointment: HUF 5,000/lens, 10,000/glasses. Postage of glasses HUF 3,500/domestic package. Minor repairs, adjustments, screw replacements are free of charge. Spare parts have their own price, we do not charge a labor fee for their replacement. We can quote a price based on an individual evaluation of gluing and soldering, but we charge a minimum of HUF 8,000 and a maximum of HUF 20,000! Soldering 15,000 NOK Titanium soldering: 20,000 NOK Reordering parts: If the glasses are not under warranty, the parts must be charged as a percentage. (front part 50% of the price of the original frame, stems 50% (J and B stems), separately 25%-25%. Wrist and other parts have variable prices. You can pay in cash and with the following types of cards in our shop. 


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