During the simultaneous examination of brothers, 2000 HUF is waived from the brother’s test price. And there is still a Sun mountain optics discount!


 Each test fee is for a single occasion and one person!

  • A sibling discount is granted if 2 or three children are examined in succession from a family.
    Discounts can also be granted at the discretion of our doctors!


 Total price

Paediatric ophthalmology examination20.000,-Ft-2.000,- Ft
brother discount
Adult specialist examination 25.000,-Ft-2.500,-Ft
Order your glasses in a new frame on the same day
Adult optometrist vision test15.000,-Ft-15.000,- Ft
Order your glasses in a new frame on the same day
Contact lens training and trial lens price20.000,-Ft5.000,-Ft
Contact lens control test, retraining, contact lens switching
"ES" out-of-line arrival30.000,-Ft 5.000,-Ft
Inflammation injury control, reordering in dilation
In case of cancellation, grief fee30% of the study feeIf someone cancels that day, for no reason or does not show up for the test we are forced to bill.
Supplementary test,
Re-order within 1 month
5.000,-Ft1.000,- Ft
Writing a prescription without examination
Tear duct wash30.000,-Ft10.000,- Ft
Re-wash the tear duct

Naphegy Optics discount: If you order your new glasses with us by closing the day after the medical examination with us, we will deduct 20% of the price of the test fee from the price of the eyeglass frame we buy from us! It only applies to the person whose examination was carried out by our doctors that day and who took his frame with us that day.
The examination fee must be settled immediately, certain doctors (Dr. Éva Túri, Dr. Viktória Szabó, Dr. Mária Megyesi) only know in cash against an invoice. 

Order your glasses in a new frame the same day and we will deduct 100% of the test fee from the price of the frame!

The price of glasses is 50% or the price of a lens can be ordered with a down payment or a full amount payment. This can be paid by card or in cash. We can issue an invoice for our own company name or health fund. We can give a transfer invoice to those who request the glasses by delivery, but we can also request an advance here.
Glasses lenses are charged at a piece price, based on catalogue price, tailored to the price. 

We ask for a fee of 5,000, – HUF/ glasses for polishing and frame the lenses. Cost of grinding or drilled framed and sending lenses to a company: 7.000, – Ft/ glasses.

Mailing glasses 3,000, – HUF/ domestic package. Minor repair, alignment, screw replacement is free. Parts are self-priced, we do not charge a fee to replace them. We can say a price based on adhesive, soldering individual evaluation, but we charge a minimum of 5,000,- maximum 15,000, – HUF labor fee! 

In our optics, you can pay in cash, as well as with the following types of cards:


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