When do I need to take my kid to see an ophthalmologist?

Naturally, it is the parents’ decision when they take their kids to visit an ophthalmologist for the first time, but it is advisable at the age of one, since it is the time when babies really start using their eyes. If the baby tries to see only with one eye, the brain might simply switch off the other eye. Consequently, the child will not learn to see properly. This is called lazy-eye (amblyopia).

Further vision screenings are advisable at the age of two and a half, and later at the age of 5, right before the school starts.

Questions asked before an eye test

During an eye examination, the ophthalmologist or optometrist will ask the following questions, so it is worth being prepared in advance:

  • Have there been genetic eye disorders or other internal medicine diseases in the family (agnation); glaucoma, astigmatism, refractive vision problems, cataracts, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, retinitis pigmentosa)?
  • Have you been diagnosed with any eye disorder? Are you under treatment for anything?
  • Do you take any madicine? Do you use eyedrops on a regular basis? What for? (diabetes, rheumatism, infectious diseases, tumor) Have you ever undergone any operation? (ophthalmological, or any other)
  • Have you ever undergone any operation? (ophthalmological, or any other)
  • Do you wear glasses? (for distance or near vision) How long? Are you satisfied with them?
  • What was your vision like previously? Did you suffer from astigmatism when you were a child?
  • When did you get your first reading glasses?
  • Have you ever had an eye operation? Have your eyes ever got injured?
  • Have you ever had an inflammation of the eye? (painful, red eyes with any discharge from them)
  • Are you under any ophthalmological treatment? If yes, what?
  • Are you under regular ophthalmological treatment? Which eye? How long? What are the symptoms? (tearing, pain, rheumy eyes, vision deterioration, vision span deterioration (sudden or gradual), double vision, etc.)
  • Did you notice any vision loss? Which eye? Since when? (complaints: tearing, pain, discharge, swelling, impaired vision, loss of vision / sudden, gradual /, double vision, etc.)


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