Welcome to the website of Naphegy Optika, allow us to introduce our company in a few words!

Our family business was set up in 2008 in a beautiful environment in the Naphegy area in Budapest district 1.

In our shop experienced ophthalmologists meet our clients needs using state-of-the-art technological background, while our clients can enjoy the familial atmosphere and the pleasant environment.

Our main focus is on pediatric ophthalmology, screening and curing lazy eye (amblyopia) and astigmatism. In accord with this, we offer a wide range of kids’ glasses. Besides all the above, we also provide comprehensive services for adult people.

We place great emphasis on helping the work of pediatricians and nurses working in our environment, from a pediatric ophthalmic perspective. In addition to traditional optical articles and services, we strive to make the best possible use of the achievements of today’s modern technology and science. We can examine the eyes of babies from infancy. Our professional background is the SOTE Ophthalmology Clinic.

The long-term goal of Naphegy Optika is to become a center of healthcare providing high-quality services.

Naphegy Optika participates in the national public health program, which serves to prevent blindness by early screening and curing blunt vision. We undertake to refer visually impaired children and adults who turn to us to rehabilitation organizations: babies for early development, the elderly for the institutions and foundations that help them. Later, we will also be involved in the rehabilitation work, if needed. We would also like to expand our profile with social counseling.

The Naphegy Optika team

Our team is dedicated to provide our clients with the pleasure of clear vision.

„With special regard to our children!”

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